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Natural Beauty

Centella revitalizing treatment lotion

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"Asia-Pacific Award For Quality In Beauty Industry And Beauty Appraisal-Excellent Quality Award" Centella Revitalizing Series The concept of triple rejuvenation Step 1: Centella Revitalizing Treatment Lotion -> lay a good foundation, wake up skin absorption Step 2: Centella Revitalizing Supreme Essence -> Inject the tightening energy from the base, repair skin structure Step 3: Centella Revitalizing Anti-wrinkle Cream -> lock nutrients inside, deep penetration, lock moisturizing essence Main ingredient: Centella Centella – the key to improving repair strength, soothing and anti-aging - Traditional herbs Suggested use of skin types: - Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. - Those who have young skin but concerned about aging and want to prevent it in advance. Main ingredients: - Centella extract: It has the effect repair, anti-oxidation, protection, decrease UV damage to the skin. The effect of skincare efficacy with good skin permeability. - Hyaluronic acid: Moisturize - Ceramide Lock water - Oligopeptide-1 repairing factor: repair the damage skin. - Organic certified Aloe extract: soothe, moisturize Efficacy: - High concentration of botanical ingredients, designed in line with skin physiology, does not clog pores - Soothe inflammation, resist sensitization and prevent skin aging - Soften skin, help the introduction and absorption of follow-up care products - Strengthen water retention, water delivery and water storage to make skin bright and tender.
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